Term Deposit

Term Deposit Interest Rate (w.e.f.- 15/01/2019)

Period For General Public

For Senior Citizen / Charitable Trust / Co-op. Soci.( Regd.) / Educational Inst. (Regd.)

15 to 29 Days
(for Minimum Dep. of Rs.5 Lacs)

05.50% 06.00%
30 to 45 Days 05.50% 06.00%
46 to 90 Days 05.50% 06.00%
91 to 180 Days 06.50% 7.00%
181 Days to less than 1 Year  06.75% 07.25%

1 Year to less than 2 Years  

08.40% 08.90%
 2 years and above 07.50%  08.00% 

For Lakhapati Deposit Scheme

Monthly Deposit Month Maturity Amount in Rs. (approx)
General Public Senior Citizen


36 101133.00 101929.00
Rs.4500.00 21 101465.00 101698.00
Rs.8000.00 12 100100.00 100235.00

 Special Recurring Deposit Scheme for Women.

Period Int. Rate
1 Year to less than 2 Years 08.25%
2 Years and above 08.00%






  1. The revised Interest Rates are to be applicable on Fresh Term Deposits or renewal of Deposits on its maturity, accepts on or after the effective date i.e. – 15th Dec, 2018.
  2. The revised Interest Rates are applicable to Recurring Deposits accepted in completed quarters only.
  3. Further, Premature Closer of existing Term Deposits will Attract Penal Interest if the Maturity Date of renewed term deposit is earlier than the maturity date of the existing deposit. Further, if the date of Maturity of renewed term deposit is later than the existing deposit, then No Penalty will be levied.
  4. Rules of Business as applicable to all Term Deposits as per RBI Guidelines issued from time to time.

‘Please visit your nearest Nav Jeevan Banks Branch for more information, terms & condition.’