Service Charges


Service Charges / Fees (w.e.f. – 01st Nov. 2021)


Sr# Particulars Saving Accounts CD/CC/OD Accounts

Balance / Interest Certificate

Free of Charge. Free of Charge.
2 Issue of Duplicate Pass Book / Statements Rs.50/-. Rs.50/- per page.
3 Any Other Certificate Rs.50/-. Rs.50/-.
4 Attestation of Signature/Photo Rs.100/-. Rs.150/-.
5 Standing Instructions Rs.50/-. Rs.200/-.

Minimum Balance Charges (w.e.f. – 27/05/2018)

(Applicable on the shortfall amount of minimum required balance)

7.50 % 7.50 % (Applicable only for CD)

Incidental Charges (Half Yearly)

(Minimum Rs.150/- Half Yearly.)

Not Applicable. Rs.150/- per page of 40 entries
8 A/c Closed within Six Months Rs.200/-. Rs.700/-.
9 Cheque Book Issue Charges

Free of charge = 45 leaves
allowed per Half Year,
there after Rs.2/- per Leaf.

Rs.2.50/- per Leaf.
10 Cheques returned more than 25% of issued Rs.5/- per leaf Rs.5/- per leaf
11 Cheque Stop Payment Charges – per Instrument Rs.100/- Rs.200/-
12 In case of Loss of full Cheque Book or Series of
Cheques / Instruments, the total Stop Payment Charges will be
Rs.500/- Rs.750/-
13 Cheque Book Destroy Charges (after 3 months from cheque book issue date) Rs.50/- per cheque book Rs.50/- per cheque book

Cheque Return Charges 
For Return of Chq. deposited in our Outward
Clearing and also ECS Return (Dr./Cr.)

Rs.200/- Rs.300/-
15 Inward Clearing for Cheque drawn on and returned by us. Rs.200/- + Interest @ Rs.2-/ per thousand


Rs.300/- + Interest @ Rs.2/- per thousand


16 Collection of Outstation

– Up to Rs.5,000/-

– Above Rs.5,000/- and up to Rs.10,000/-

– Above Rs.10,000/- and up to Rs.100,000/-

– Above Rs.100,000/-


Rs.25/- per Instrument

Rs.50/- per Instrument

Rs.100/- per Instrument

Rs.1/- per thousand


Rs.50/- per Instrument

Rs.100/- per Instrument

Rs.150/- per Instrument

Rs.1.50/- per thousand

17 Cash Deposit Charges Above Rs.5.00 lacs per day, against Liquid Securities / Deposits will be Subject to Service Charge of Rs.2.00/- per thousand. 
18 Enquiries relating to Old Records
(more than 12 months old)
Rs.100/- per folio Rs.100/- per folio
19 Account Statement through Mailing system (per account) Rs.10/- Rs.10/-
20  SMS Alert Charges – per CIN Rs.25/- per quarter Rs.25/- per quarter
21 Mandate Initiation / Modification / Cancellation charges Rs.150/- per request Rs.200/- per request



Sr.No Particulars Charges

ATM cum Debit Card Charges
Issuance of  new ATM cum Debit Card

Re-Issuance of ATM cum Debit Card

Annual Fee


Free for first time




ATM Transaction Charges (after Free transaction)

Financial Transaction

Non-Financial Transaction

Metro City (Above 3 Transactions) Non-Metro City (Above 5 Transactions)

ATM Card Destroy Charges (after 6 months from ATM Card issue date)

4 Locker Rent Charges (Annually Charges)
 – Small Size
– Medium Size
– Big Size

For duplicate Key / Break Open


Rs. 1200/- p.a.
Rs. 1500/- p.a.
Rs. 2300/- p.a.

Rs. 1,000/- in additional to the charges levied by the Company

 5  Operation through POA / Mandate / Change of Signature of Authority Rs.100/- per modification / change 



Sr.No Particulars Charges
Transfer Cash

Issue of Pay Order
– Up To Rs. 25,000/-
– Above Rs. 25,000/-
– Maximum

Rs.01/- per Thousand.
Rs.02/- per Thousand.

Issue of DD on Correspondence Bank
(Axis Bank/IDBI Bank, etc.)
– Up To Rs. 25,000/-
– Above Rs. 25,000/-
– Maximum

Rs.01.50/- per Thousand.
Rs.02.50/- per Thousand.

Note: If PO/DD issued against the cash deposited in SB/CA, the commission charges will be levied of those charged on issue PO/DD against the Cash and not of transfer.

3 Issue of DD’s drawn on SBI
Up to Rs.5,000/-
From Rs.5,001/- to Rs.10,000/-
From Rs. 10,001/- to Rs.11,000/-
From Rs. 11,001/- to Rs.12,000/-
From Rs. 12,001/- to Rs.100,000/-
Above Rs.100,000/-
SBI Charges Rs.25/- + Our Charges Rs.25/-.
SBI Charges Rs.50/- + Our Charges Rs.25/-.
SBI Charges Rs.55/- + Our Charges Rs.25/-.
SBI Charges Rs.60/- + Our Charges Rs.25/-.
SBI Charges Rs.5/- + Our Charges Rs.1/- (per thousand).
SBI Charges Rs.2.50/- + Our Charges Rs.1/- (per thousand).
4 Cancellation of Pay Order / DD Rs.50/- per Instrument.



Direct and Indirect Online Tax Payments.

 e-tax Filing Return Amount  Revised service charges thereon
 Tax amount upto Rs. 50,000/-  Rs. 100/-
 Tax amount above Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 2.50 lacs  Rs. 200/- 
 Tax amount above Rs. 2.50 lacs to Rs. 5.00 lacs    Rs. 300/- 
Tax amount above Rs. 5.00 lacs Rs. 300/- + Rs. 100/- (in addition on increase of per lakh)



Other New Additional Service Charges

Particulars  New Charges

OEC Charges : 

 OEC Return Charges

 Copy of Original Cheque


Rs. 100/-

Rs. 100/-


** The above service charges are exclusive of GST (@18%) as applicable under the Finance Act.