Loan & Advances

Loan & Advances Interest Rates (w.e.f. – 01 June. 2021)

SrNo Particulars Rate of Interest

Loan & Advances fully secured against Gov. Securities such as **NSC, **KVP &surrender value of *LIC Policy etc. (self & family members)

(Third Party)

*10.00% **11%
*10.75% **11.75%
2 Priority Sector Advances 8.00% – 8.50%
3 Non Priority Sector Advances 10.50%
4 Personal Loans  
  A) All Personal Loans, Loans given for purchase of consumer items and Loans given for house repairs (though to be classified as Priority Sector) are to be charged at 10.50%
(With Security)
(Without Security)
  B) All Personal Loans to Salaried people…

  1. Where salary is directly credited to SB account with our Bank/through ECS/Cheque Payment or where mandate for loan deduction from salary at source is accepted by the employer and complied with.


  ii. Where Salary is credited to A/c with other Bank, loans which can be covered under Section 49

(With Security)
11.00 -11.50%
(Without Security)    10.00%
(With Security)
(Without Security)
  C) Loans for purchase of new Vehicles
Commercial (4 Wheeler) vehicles
(Upto 4 Vehicles)
(above 4 Vehicles)
  D) Loans for purchase of new Vehicles
Two Wheeler
Four Wheeler
10.50% 08.50%


E) Loans for purchase of second hand Vehicles – Two / Four Wheeler



F) Loans to professionals— Doctors, Engineers, C.A., Advocates, Architects, etc. for new vehicle.

  G) Vehicle Loans to Existing Borrowers enjoying Limit with satisfactory dealings. 08.00%

Educational Loan

Loans granted for securing admission to any recognized educational Institutes in India / Abroad, payment of tuition fees directly remitted to the institute, purchase of study book material etc.

    1. Loans upto Rs.5.00 lacs
    2. Loans over Rs.5.00 lacs in India & Abroad
  08.50%         09.50%
6 Housing Loan

Loans granted for purchase of ready built / under construction houses, construction of house on land already acquired with adequately stamped and Registered property documents with Clear Title.

      1. Upto Rs.35.00 lacs repayable in maximum 180 EMIs subject to age upto 60 years. (Only if Under Priority Sector)


        –For Women Borrowers


    1. Above Rs.35.00 lacs & upto Rs70.00 lacs repayable in maximum 180 EMIs subject to age upto 60 years.(Non-Priority Sector)



c  .Top up loan

        7.50%       7.25%       7.75%

Loans given to Professionals like Medical Practitioners, Chartered Accountants, Architect Consultants etc. for purchase of office premises- X-Ray Machines and other equipments.


Large Borrowers from Textile Industries


Loans against discounting of Future Lease Rental Receivables of

a.Reputed listed Ltd. Companies / Corporates / Multinational Cos./ Banks, Govt. & Semi Govt. Bodies, etc.


b.Other Entities


Mortgage Loans

    1. For Personal & Business purpose

               b.Loans to Builders, Developers etc.


Loan for Purchase of Commercial Gala


Gold Loans



  1. In case of Advances to Large Borrowers of Rs.50 lakhs & above(individual as well as Group accounts) RIO shall be fixed based on credit rating of borrowers.
    Sanction Authority to take due note of market conditions and may offer competitive Rate of interest linked.
  2. In case of takeover of large borrowers from other Banks.
  3. In order to prevent takeover of our advances by other Banks.
    Further, the above revision in Rate of Interest on Loans & Advances will be subject to as below.

    1. The above changes in Rate of Interest shall be made effective on new Loans and Advances sanctioned on or after 01 Oct 2020.
    2. In case of Loan & Advances secured by mortgage of Immovable Property either as Primary or Collateral Security including Housing Loan where certain deficiencies like unregistered property documents, regularization process is pending, the Sanctioning Authority may charge additional extra Interest  on case to case basis.
    3. In case of existing Loan & Advances, the same maybe applied as below:
  1. In case of Term Loan other than Large Borrowers, the same may be considered case to case, subject to Board approval.
  2. In case of Working Capital i.e. CC, OD (other than Large Borrowers upto Rs.50 lacs) the same may be taken up for consideration at the time of renewal.
  3. In case of existing Term Loan as well as renewal of Working Capital Limits of Large Borrowers, the revision in Rate of Interest may be taken up for consideration in a phased manner depending upon value of relationship.
  4. In credit ratings, there is reduction of max 2.00% in lending rates across all scores.

‘Please visit your nearest Nav Jeevan Banks Branch for more information, terms & condition.’